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This award goes to the album that had the most streams / sales and is a fan favorite. This is a highly desired musical compilation and the award is presented to recognize the artist, engineers, songwriters and producers of the album.

Album of the Year (Soca, Reggae & Dancehall)

This award is presented to the artist with the most streams, album and song sales, radio plays, fan interactions; and is influenced by fan input.

Female Artist of the Year (Soca & Reggae & Dancehall):

This award is presented to the artist with the most streams, album and song sales, radio plays, fan interactions; and is influenced by fan input.

Male Artist of the Year (Soca & Reggae & Dancehall):

This award goes to the entertainer that consistently does the best on stage. This performer is any crowd favorite and executes exceptional performances on stage. Their ability to keep engaged crowds showcases naturally.

Performer of the year (Combined Genres)

Celebrate Your Favorite.

People’s Choice Award

This music video has many views and is recognized for quality, creativity and innovation that tells the story of the song’s lyrics.

Video of the Year: (Soca, Reggae & Dancehall)

This Award is given to a new or established artist who has made significant strides in their career over the past year. This award recognizes the artist's talent, hard work, and dedication to their craft, as well as the IMPACT in their respective industry.

2022 Impact Award

This artist has shown phenomenal movement and growth in streams and fan-base. They are on the verge of a breakthrough and exhibits the ability to produce chart-topping music. This is an artist that recently started their musical journey and captured the hearts and ears of fans with tunes and performances that showed their versatility and garnered the acceptance and approval of audiences worldwide.

Best New Artist of the Year: (Soca, Reggae, Dancehall)

This is a distinguished individual who is honored for their musical proficiency, visibility, achievements and overall musical excellence over the past 10 years. Their tenacity has led to consistency in the charts and popularity with fans throughout the years and they have been successful in establishing a reputable brand.

Artist of the Decade

This recognition goes to two or more artists who capitalized on their musical excellence and in partnership, created and released a song that was a sensation among listeners worldwide.

Collaboration of the Year: (Soca, Reggae & Dancehall)

A fan-favorite musical hit with distinctive dance moves that is unique to the artist. This award is presented to the singer and songwriter and influenced by fan input.

Dance Song of the Year: 1 award All genres.

An individual or entity who has an established brand, who produces top-tier events that are well-sorted and hosts repeated sold out events. They have the ability to produce gatherings in multiple locations locally and abroad, has experienced exponential growth over the years and they have an exceptional repertoire with their patrons.

Music Event Of The Year

The Caribbean Kompa Band Award celebrates the talent and creativity of Kompa bands in the region and recognizes their contribution to the vibrant and diverse music scene of the Caribbean. It is a highly anticipated event that brings together musicians, fans, and industry professionals to celebrate the artistry and achievements of the nominees and winners.

Kompa Band Of The Year

This award is given to an artist or a group of artists for an extended play (EP) that showcases a cohesive and substantial collection of original music. A body of work EP award recognizes an artist's ability to craft a cohesive and compelling musical narrative that showcases their talent and creativity.

EP of The Year (Reggae/Dancehall)

This is one of the most prestigious awards of the night. This individual or group has made significant contributions to the Caribbean music, entertainment, or film industry, fully embracing and exhibiting the history and culture of the Caribbean.

Lifetime Achievement: HONORS

In this category, the entertainer is described as a comedian, actor, actress or dancer whose goal is to amuse his or her audience. This individual has piqued the interest of viewers both in person and virtually and has amassed the respect of fans worldwide.

Entertainer of the Year: HONORS

These music masters are most notable for their ability to move any crowd and is sorted by entities across the country and worldwide. Their following is very diverse, from many countries and they are contracted for multiple events overseas.

Music Masters HONORS

This Musical Mastermind demonstrates consistent creativity and innovation in record production, is responsible for chart-topping songs or albums and has generated award-winning music throughout the year. They are recognized for their artistic expertise, musical aptitude, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the industry.

Producer HONORS

This Mas producer has quintessentially designed and manufactured costumes that showcases their creativity and innovation and their innate ability to conceptualize unique designs, which they bring to fruition, demonstrating careful construction, resulting in the utmost quality.

Mas Designer of the Year: HONORS

The true spirit of Caribbean culture and heritage is displayed during the Grand Carnival Parade at Caribbean carnivals worldwide. This award goes to the top-tier Mas band, with the best results, overall experience and reviews and is driven by reveler input.

Carnival Band of the Year: HONORS

A Night of Celebration with tributes to Kompas & Zouk music.

Kompa & Zouk HONORS

Latin Caribbean HONORS

An individual who has gained notoriety through their rich content and social interactions and visibility. A fan favorite who has gained a healthy following and who has trended throughout the year.

Social Media Personality: HONORS

The Calypso Honor Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the art of calypso music and its cultural significance, both locally and internationally.

Calypso Award: HONORS

This is one of the most prestigious awards of the night in which the artist or entity is paid a full tribute. This individual or group has made significant contributions to Caribbean Music or Culture, fully embracing and exhibiting the history and culture of the Caribbean. Many entertainers & creatives have been inspired by this individual or group and they pay homage to the individual’s excellence and accomplishments throughout the years.

Elite Icon: HONORS

This is award is presented to an individual or entity to honor their selfless contributions to society. They are civically engaged and demonstrates humility, empathy and willingness to support the advancement of others in community.

Humanitarian Award: HONORS

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