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Who we are

Caribbean Elite Group is a team catering to the passionate and thriving Caribbean community, worldwide. CEG oversees many different projects across the Caribbean including Caribbean Elite Magazine. CEM is print and digital publication which highlights Caribbean entertainers, artists, producers, promoters, cuisine, travel, fashion, entrepreneurs and more, while engaging in an array of topics that are of special interest to this community.


We aim to protect and manifest Caribbean heritage that for generations, has fueled the rich culture of the Caribbean. We pride ourselves on being the first in this format to target audiences on a global scale, having an open and flexible work culture, while providing a platform where Caribbean culture is exhibited and accurately documented.


What we envision

To record the narrative, provide a platform for the Caribbean community, acknowledge, promote, and positively contribute to Caribbean culture, ensuring these narratives are easily accessible to audiences worldwide.

Award show (annual)

The purpose of the award show is to recognize and award individuals in the Caribbean diaspora who have made significant contributions to music, entertainment, humanitarian efforts sports and other fields over the past years.

This will be an annual event which will be hosted in person, selecting a new location each year including the Caribbean Islands. This will help to showcase the unique culture of each island and give us the opportunity to work collaboratively with many Caribbean brands, creatives, and entertainers.


It is because of the immense talent in the Caribbean diaspora, that we thought it imperative to award and spotlight the incredible talent and achievements of the past, celebrate present day contributors, and provide incentives to keep providing exceptional content, staying true to the rich culture and encourage innovation.


Our team has selected the month of August to host the award show. Thursday, August 29th 2024


The award show will take place in NYC. Kings Theatre, Brooklyn.




Tickets will go on sale October 6th 2023 and made available for everyone wanting to participate in the night of celebration.


The event curated by Caribbean people for Caribbean people will also help to break the stigma that persons in the diaspora often fail to boost their own creatives and as such they end up hindering efforts to push the culture to the forefront internationally. With the launch of an event like this with epic production value on an international scale, the Caribbean voices will be given a stage to spark growth in the creative community. Not only will this be a one-of-a-kind experience, but it will be a catalyst for change. It is now time for the artistes, producers, DJs, everyone involved in the industry to try to advance their own. This event will be a large tribute to the culture, and it will also be a universal call for Caribbean people to rally, come out in their numbers to support and inspire greater development of the region on a whole.


Who Will be There?

Attendees are in for a treat with surprise guest performances by some of the heavy hitters in the entertainment industry across various genres, from soca to reggae to dancehall. There will also be different segments throughout the show for comedic performances as well as video tributes to the exceptional people who have contributed to propelling the culture worldwide. Significant cultural elements from the different islands will also be implemented during the show.

Persons can expect pure, unfiltered Caribbean vibes, energy, and quality.  keep an eye out for upcoming announcements here at and as well as all other CEM social media platforms. The Caribbean Music Awards 2024 will be a night to remember, as persons from all walks of life, from all over the world unite to pay homage to the rich, vibrant, diverse cultures that represent the Caribbean.

Key Dates

Key Dates

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